February 8, 2017

Life Classes

Life Class registration card. Available at the Connect Center.


At Life Church we believe in equipping volunteers with the resources and the tool necessary to become great leaders. To do this we created a 4-week volunteer training program called Life Classes. It is our desire to not only equip, train and prepare prospective volunteers; but to also invest into future leaders we believe will play a vital role in continuing the success of Life Church!


Each class will be approximately 30 minutes, beginning at 10:00 am. Donuts will be served and coffee and juice will be available as well. If you are interested please visit our Connect Center to register for Life Classes.


The Class outline is as follows:

*All classes will be taught during the 30 minute Adult Sunday School Class in the Life Class classroom.

Life Class 101:

– This is our Meet the Pastor Class. This class is designed to give new members, or prospective members an idea of what to expect at Life Church. In this class, you will meet our Pastor, and he will begin the class by explaining the vision of Life Church and how you can you be a part of that vision.

Life Class 201:

– This is our basic volunteer class. In this class you will learn the basic requirements of a volunteer as well as earn what is expected of a Life Team member. We take volunteering seriously at Life Church, a Life Team member will be the first connection between a first time guest and God. We want you to take pride in your service, to do that we believe you need to be prepared. Although Life Class 201 is all that’s necessary to fulfill certain volunteer roles, we suggest that you continue to Life Class 301 for more training.

Life Class 301:

– This will be our advanced volunteer class. In this class you will learn more about the art of service while being taught volunteer principles that will transform your thinking both in a religious and secular setting. We want you to be the best you can be, not just at church but wherever you may be. To do this, we value principle based teaching that is aimed at making you a better you.

Life Class 401:

– This is our ministerial class. This class is designed for those who are feeling called into a ministerial role. This class is required for all ministers, department heads and those seeking to be used in any teaching capacity.


Once you have graduated from Life Classes, you will then enter our NEXT: Internship Program.