September 2, 2016



Caitlin was a recent college graduate with a degree in photography, but she felt like there was more to life than just taking wedding pictures. She didn’t know it yet, but God was going to use her lens to display the plight of the people of Haiti. God opened the door for her to spend six months taking photos, assisting our missionaries, teaching children English and observing astonishing poverty firsthand. Today her work is being used to raise funds to keep our missionaries onsite, where they can continue to reach and serve the nation of Haiti. Caitlin is a Hyphen.

The hyphen represents a connection between two concepts. This little line serves to fuse together words so that their meanings are altered and a new thought emerges. The “Be A Hyphen” campaign seeks to celebrate Pentecostal young adults that are connecting to their worlds and in the process creating positive change.

So many Apostolic Hyphens are doing great things, and too often these stories are never told. We know that ministry isn’t just limited to the pulpit, so help us expand the reach of the church by sharing your Godly achievements. Let your good works “provoke good works in others” (Heb. 10:24). Caitlin altered Haiti by sharing her talents, but Haiti changed Caitlin. Hyphens alter their world, but through that experience they are in turn forever changed for the better.

Be inspired. Be more. Be a Hyphen.


We are proud to have a young adult ministry at Life Church! Hyphen is a group that is dedicated to living “Life on purpose” by providing a place for young adults to discover life, build relationships and forge a foundation of apostolic truth!


Jared Howell has been a part of our church since birth, his energy and zeal for the things of God have never wavered in 20 years! He attended Texas Bible College in 2014 and received an Associates Degree in Theology in the Fall of 2016! We are proud of Jared and we are excited about the future of our young adults ministry!

Jared pic