September 2, 2016

Discover God



Discover God is the first phase of our Discover Life mission!

We believe that every believer and non-believer alike needs a genuine encounter with their creator. We have taken this belief into action! Our services are set up to prepare an atmosphere of vibrant worship that makes it easy for any person to encounter God on a personal level! Each of us, regardless of our current intellectual understanding of God, need Him on a personal level. We cater to this desire by providing worship music designed to honor Christ. Our Praise and worship team, led by Karena McElhaney, has created a unique blend of traditional and contemporary music without compromising our main objective, worship!

Life Church is a loving church. we don’t care where you’ve been, our only concern is where you’re going! We draw inspiration from the life of the Apostle Paul,  formerly a murderer turned minister named Saul of Tarsus. His life is a beacon of hope for any soul who may feel that their past disqualifies them from a future in Christ!

His zeal and eagerness to uphold the law of Moses, turned him into a reckless and dangerous zealot of religion. He ruthlessly and maliciously murdered men, women and children in the name of God. His life goal was to destroy all traces of this Jesus.

One day as Saul of Tarsus was traveling to Damascus to gain even more power when something happened with eternal ramifications! As he’s riding down the road a bright light shines from heaven knocking Saul off of his horse. In a confused stupor, Saul asked the fateful question, “Who are you Lord?” To which a voice cried out of the light, “I am Jesus who you’ve persecuted.”

The most notorious Christian murderer was suddenly on his face before Christ and the mercy of God was extended to his life. All it took to turn a terrorist into a church planter was for Saul of Tarsus to finally Discover God!

We pray that anyone who enters the doors of our sanctuary would feel that same mercy extended into your life. Don’t let where you’ve been or what you’ve done to alienate you from a God who loves you. Give Christ a chance and Discover God for yourself!